International Health Cover

Our international health solution in partnership with Hollard Health transforms our solution from just a Health Cover to Health Empowerment

This is health insurance that goes beyond the norm. Combining world-leading tech with the human touch, APA Insurance in partnership with Hollard Health empowers members to take charge of their health with easy-to-understand information and smart tools. The result is the necessary support to help you and your employees make the best decisions for your health and well-being, now and into the future.

Plans to Suit Ever-Evolving needs

Because we know that our customer demands are unique, APA Insurance together with Hollard Health are committed to helping customers to thrive by offering the right health insurance for their diverse needs. We offer easy-to-understand, modular plans for employers to mix and match to suit their needs. For you, this means that whether it’s the $75,000 Basic Plan to the $10 million Complete Plan, we make it work for your employees and your pocket.

Whether you are looking for:

  1. Expatriate employees' health insurance
  2. Local employees' health insurance
  3. Pan-African health insurance
  4. International health insurance benefits

Depending on where your employees come from, where they wish to get treatment and where you need them to travel to, you can select from one of the following areas of cover:

  1. Africa and India
  2. Africa, India and Europe
  3. Worldwide Excluding the USA
  4. Worldwide

For more information:

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